Core Values


It should be understood that the responsible Karate person (Karate-ka) always seeks to control a violent situation in as non-violent a manner as is humanly possible. We never start a violent situation but seek to resolve it in as compassionate a way as we can.  

The ultimate goal of the art of Karate is to teach a person to attain inner peace within oneself and the same time outer peace with one’s environment. Thus the Karate man or woman is a person who seeks peace and harmony with him/herself. WE NEVER INITIATE a violent situation but rather are ready to control one should it be forced upon us.  

Sparring is always to be controlled, non-contact and non-violent. The idea is not to win over an opponent, but to conquer oneself. 

Karate requires and promotes as high a degree of training of the mind as it does the body. Never pretend to be and “expert” or “authority” on the art of Karate-do. In all practice emphasis is placed on control, accuracy and non-contact. 

Dojo Etiquette  

You may wonder at the continued emphasis of respect, politeness, caring, compassion, etc.  Because of the power of the art of Karate and real danger of injury if it is not used in a responsible manner, we must incorporate into the training a respect for others. I have been disappointed, many times, when hearing of injuries in certain other Karate Dojos. Such injuries are a direct reflection upon the quality of instruction and misunderstanding of the need for proper control at all times.

So, in our program, discipline – while friendly – is quite firm! You are not here to be injured or abused in any way, mentally or physically! 


Karate is  not a drop-in class.   Students who miss classes, other than occasionally, soon fall behind the others and the rest of the class cannot be held back so that they may catch-up.


Firstly, each student is a unique human being so is not  judged in relationship to others – but rather just how the student is striving and attaining his/her own potential and is, in that context, making meaningful progress. In summary, promotion requires commitment involving a good class attendance and attention to instruction, regular home practice and a strong and well-demonstrated desire for self  improvement.

Students receiving belt promotions in our program know they have deserved such advancement as our standards are uniformly and unalterably high. We seek to bring out the best which is with each person.